Sony Medical Print Papers

Sony Medical Print Papers

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Sony Medical Print Papers Unit
1 10 20
Sony UPC-21L  Color UP-21MD/D21MD 200 Prints BX 131.53 127.42 123.31
Sony UPC-21S  Color UP-21MD/D21MD 240 Prints BX 110.84 108.16 105.48
Sony UPC-5010A  Color Pk UP-5000/ UP-5200MD -100 Prints BX 101.98 99.51 97.04
Sony UPC-510  Color Pk UP-51MD & UP-D50 -200 Prints BX 197.52 192.74 187.96
Sony UPC-55 Color Pk UPD-55 & UPD-55MD - 200 Prints BX 197.52 192.74 187.96
Sony UPC-R81MD Color Pk UP-DR80MD - 100 Prints BX 170.26 166.15 162.03
Sony UPP-84HG High Gloss A7 Paper for UP-D71MD 10/BX BX 106.64 104.06 101.48
Sony UPP-84S Standard A7 Paper for UP-D71MD 10/BX BX 71.18 69.45 67.73
Sony UPP-110HA  Thermal Paper UP-D890/UP-890MD 10/BX BX 163.43 159.48 155.52
Sony UPP-110HG  Thermal Paper UP-895MD 10/BX BX 163.43 159.48 155.52
Sony UPP-110HD  UP-850/880/870MD/890MD, UPD/890 10/BX BX 155.52 151.57 147.62
Sony UPP-110S  Thermal Paper for UP850/870/890 10/BX BX 78.24 76.35 74.46
Sony UPP-210HD  Thermal Paper UP910/930960/980 5/BX BX 213.40 208.24 203.08
Sony UPP-210SE  Thermal Paper UP910/930/960/980 5/BX BX 133.92 130.68 127.44
Sony UPT-210BL  Blue Thermal Transp. Film UP-980 5/BX BX 315.15 307.52 299.90
Sony UPP-725 TH Paper UP-D71XR/D72XR/D74XRD 100 Prints BX 78.03 76.15 74.26


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